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When & How To Find Help Now


Each year millions find help for depression, relationship crises, parenting issues, emotional distress, careers, substance use, loss, and numerous disorders.


Call now for real help.
If you are hurting inside, or your life just doesn't seem to be working at its absolute best, talking with friends or family members can sometimes help you feel a little better for a while. But even the most well-meaning friend can't provide therapy. Therapy is a treatment process that uses specialized techniques of caring that have been designed to offer effective, long-lasting help for people suffering from a wide range of difficulties, such as emotional distress, anxiety, marital strife, fears, a significant loss, or a clinical disorder. Counseling, psychotherapy, and psychopharmacotherapies are common methods used to treat disorders and can help fulfill aspirations for personal growth or self-improvement.

An unhealthy misconception about therapy is that seeing a therapist or medication provider is a sign of weakness. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy is a sign of both strength and your determination to live a productive and meaningful life! Working together, you and your therapist will identify your goals (what you want to have happen) and agree on how you will know when you are making progress. Therapy has one clear and definite purpose: that something of positive value and constructive usefulness will come out of it for you, and that clinical symptoms will come under control.


Rainier Biobehavioral Institute is for all people, adults from all walks of life.  Services are designed to focus on the primary needs and concerns of the community, providing the latest care in an inviting environment. This is a wonderful and respectable place to be!


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