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Psychotherapy & Medication

RBI staff specializes in identifying and treating most psychiatric conditions and disorders, addressing the spectrum of associated medical and psychiatric difficulties via holistic care that is easy on both client and provider in a professional therapeutic office setting.


Millions Find Help

Joint medication and psychotherapy sessions can assist with a wide range of problems such as depression, loss, marital strife, parent-child concerns, or emotional distress and anxieties. RBI can also help you fulfill aspirations for personal growth and self-improvement. Therapy's purpose is to provide you with something of positive value and constructive usefulness.

Inpatient care, individual child, and emergency services not provided. Inform us of medication concerns, do not self-adjust dose unless experiencing adverse reaction, and if severe, use 911. Psychiatry provider not always on call - Rx given by appointment only. If becoming pregnant or trying new medication or herb, notify us.


Emergency services:

If suicidal, homicidal, or dangerous, call 911. Other resources are the Crisis Clinic of King County (206.461.3222) and Teen Line (206.461.4922), or call 1-800-SUICIDE from anywhere in America.


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