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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We are proud to post our ethics policy, our promise regarding professional interactions, confidentiality, patient participation, representation, standards, compliance, and applicability. We are here for you earning the community's daily trust one session at a time!

Professional Interactions
All clients shall be treated with courtesy, fairness, dignity and respect as an individual. We shall work to maintain an environment free from discrimination and from harassment, and to cultivate an environment that encourages different points of view.

Protect Confidentiality
Client confidentiality is protected in all cases, as dictated by law, contract and policy.

Patient Participation
The right and responsibility of each individual to participate in decisions affecting their own healthcare shall be maintained. We shall always work in the best interests of the client. Treatment shall be provided to the extent and length of time necessary for the health and well being of our clients. Clients also participate by voicing their genuine feelings and thoughts, including any concerns about their course of therapy, in session with their therapist. Clients who choose to discuss aspects of their private therapy outside of session are held solely responsible for any and all associated outcomes from said disclosures, further understanding that pivotal contextual and nonverbal elements being addressed at any particular moment in therapy may be difficult to rightly convey to a third party, especially if the client's complex psychological processes are filtering and distorting their recollections and communications. Should any client be confused, misunderstand, or hold a negative feeling about their course of medication therapy or psychotherapy, it is their sole responsibility, and in their best interest, to take ownership of such thoughts and feelings, and then appropriately seek clarity via a scheduled face-to-face individual therapy session with the therapist/provider. If for some personal reason a client prefers to search for another style of therapy, or perhaps a therapist of a different gender, they are free to do so, and as with any termination of the client-therapist relationship, it is in the client’s best interest to establish closure during a scheduled, face-to-face, dedicated, closure session with the outgoing therapist. Without being confrontational, accusatory, or aggressive, it is in the client’s best interests for the client to openly discuss and explore reasons for their decision to terminate with the outgoing therapist, keeping in mind that misunderstandings may have occurred over the course of the client’s therapy. The client may have sessions with two to three, or even more, clinicians before settling on a therapist whom best fits their perceived therapeutic needs and desires.  

Genuine Representation
Activities shall not be engaged in exclusively for personal gain and conflicts of interest shall be avoided. No person shall intentionally misrepresent themselves or the agency.

Highest Standards
Honesty, integrity and ethics shall be maintained in all aspects of agency business and clinical activities. The highest quality of care possible shall be offered, delivered with professional responsibility and competency.

Policies of Paris Psychiatry, including Professional Standards of Conduct, shall be followed.

This Code of Ethics applies to all who represent Paris Psychiatry and RBI, including any associated staff, volunteers, interns, and Board members. Any violation of this Code of Ethics should be reported immediately.



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